How To Create the Cycle of Change

How To Create the Cycle of Change

Did you know that 15.2 % of women in the United States are in fair or poor health? This is a troubling statistic that points to the way women’s health is treated within our society. Despite advancements within the medical field, research into conditions that are either female specific or disproportionately affect women is still underfunded. These gaps of knowledge affect the most vulnerable populations with Indigenous, Hispanic, Black, and lower income women being some of the hardest hit.

While the inequity within women’s health is such a big problem to tackle, we at Emerald Glow Cosmetics believe in doing our part to bring more awareness to this issue. We know that good physical, emotional, and mental well being is essential for the best quality of life. Here are three ways that we will be using our platform to help bridge the gap:

Social media posts

Social media has become one of the most popular mediums of sharing information. On our Instagram we regularly post infographics and videos providing education on various aspects of women’s health.

Weekly blogs

Every Tuesday our weekly blog dives deeper into different topics primarily related to mental and period health. 


Lending a hand at women’s clinics, shelters, and organizations is a great way to support those within the community. Atlanta Glow and Bethesda Community Clinic are some of our personal favorites. VolunterMatch is a great resource for finding volunteer opportunities in your area.